Programy 2017-2020

Impacts of Gender Discourse on Polish Politics, Society and Culture: Comparative Perspectives

University College London

NATO after the Warsaw Summit 2016: British-Polish Perspectives in an Uncertain Security Environment

Queens University Belfast

Knowledge Bridges Poland-Britain-Europe: Europeanism and Nationalism: Post-1989 Poland in Comparative Perspective

Oxford University

Modern Poland: Migration and Transformations

University of Sheffield

‘We, the People’: political discourses of ‘us’ and ‘them’ Poland in a comparative perspective

London School of Economics

Anatomy of Disbelief: Explaining Polish Climate Scepticism

King’s College London

Poland’s Kin-state Policies: Opportunities and Challenges

University of Glasgow

Narrating the past, narrating the nation: The rhetoric of Holocaust Memorial Day in Poland and Britain

University of Loughborough

Homophobia and collective narcissism in contemporary Poland

University College London

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