[Article] Women in Politics: A Review and Future Research Agenda

Gwiazda, A. M. (2017). Women in Politics: A Review and Future Research Agenda. Studia Polityczne, 45(3)

Research on women in politics is burgeoning. Scholars try to understand the underrepresentation of women in political institutions and propose means to address this problem. A useful way to approach the subject of women’s political representation is Pitkin’s framework. By examining descriptive and substantive representation, important and timely questions can be raised. This article summarises the main arguments in the field and suggests useful avenues for future research. While literature on descriptive representation provides a fairly good account of women’s presence in politics, substantive representation is still underexplored. In the Polish context, more research should be conducted, inter alia, in the fields of informal institutions, women’s interests and substantive representation in general.

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