Undergraduate Module and Research Fund to Enhance Understandings of Modern Polish History

University of York

Project summary

This project will have two elements – both of which are aimed at enhancing understandings of contemporary Polish history. The first element will be the development by the project leader of a new undergraduate module concerned with modern Polish history. The second element will comprise cutting edge research into a crucial aspect of contemporary Polish history, namely Nazi population policies in the historic region of Upper Silesia during the Second World War.


Principal Investigator
Dr. Hugo Service, University of York

A historian of contemporary Poland and Germany. He has published a number of important and well-received studies in this area. His book Germans to Poles: Communism, Nationalism and Ethnic Cleansing after the Second World War was published by Cambridge University Press in 2013 and recently appeared in paperback. It examines the population movements, acts of expulsion and cultural ruptures which accompanied the end of the Second World War in East-Central Europe. His article ‘Reinterpreting the Expulsion of Germans from Poland, 1945-1949’, published in the Journal of Contemporary History in 2012, was awarded the Walter Laqueur Prize for best article published in the journal during that year. He is currently Lecturer in Modern European History at the University of York, having previously held research and teaching posts at the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.