The End of the Love Affair? Central Europe drifting away from the West

Thursday, 3 March 2016 - 12:30pm

Jaroslaw Kuisz (POMP Visiting Academic, St Antony’s College)

Seminar Room, European Studies Centre

Jan Zielonka (St Antony’s College)

Jarosław Kuisz, Ph.D. is assistant professor at Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University, chercheur étranger associé w Institut d’histoire du temps present, at CNRS in Paris, and editor-in-chief of a Polish political and cultural weekly Kultura Liberalna []. Historian of law and political analyst, he is also lecturer at College of Inter-Area Individual Studies In the Humanities and Social Sciences and Collegium Artes Liberales at Warsaw University. In 2010, he won a prize for young scholars „Zostańcie z nami” (Stay with us) from the Polish weekly Polityka. Visiting scholar at Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (2014, 2015), Columbia University, NYC (2016).